Taking pleasure in anothers misfortune

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After having the issue taken away from them intheir schadenfreude has been epic. There was no shortage of schadenfreudewith Democrats joyfully noting just how dumb those silly, delusional Republicans were. Across the aisle, France's majority Socialist Party has restrained its schadenfreude.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. In the Name of Love.

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A sly smile crosses your lips. You hear about a self-righteous politician caught with his pants down and feel a spasm of glee. And then there was that time your boss had toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

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Print Thread. Is there a word that means "a person who delights in the misfortune of others? I would call this person a sadist. I would call this person a sadist In general usage, I believe, a sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain, physical or psychological, on someone else.

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What are the positive aspects of schadenfreude? Can it benefit an individual in some ways? It is a pleasure, first and foremost - and this reminds us that it does play an important role for us.

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R ecently I went to my corner shop to buy some milk. I found myself pausing by the celebrity gossip magazines. There was the cellulite, the weight gained and lost, the bingo wings circled in red.

By Harry Pettit For Mailonline. Giggling at the misfortune of others may seem a harmless pleasure, but according to a new study, it could mean you're a psychopath. Scientists have linked taking pleasure in the suffering of others - a feeling known as schadenfreude - to several 'dark' psychological traits.

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The Romans talked about malevolentia, the ancient Greeks epichairekakia. In English, we make do with a German word: schadenfreude. Does there exist, in some remote corner of the world, a people who don't occasionally take pleasure in someone else's misfortune?

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Schadenfreude is often thought of as something immoral to the core. Behind the gloating half-smile there seems to be a malicious wish to see others suffer. All the same, it is nevertheless considered quite normal to read fairy tales to children, where the evil witch is pushed into the oven or the big bad wolf falls into the well, and rejoice that the story had such an ending.

Admit it: Now and then, you have felt a small twinge of pleasure when a person you know gets some disappointing news. Parents may see it when their children exult in another's difficulties, or feel it themselves when a movie or corporate star experiences a comeuppance. Schadenfreude may not seem desirable, but it may be inevitable. Most people, starting from a young age, experience it.


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