The sleeping eros sculpture

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has on display as the centre piece of a unique and very special exhibition, an ancient bronze sculpture entitled Sleeping Eros. It is considered by curators as one of the finest examples of its kind anywhere in the world and, very definitely in a class of its own. Bronze statue of Eros sleeping Greek, Hellenistic period, 3rd-2nd century B.

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An impressive show in New York pays tribute to the god of love. His right arm flops across his body; one wing much of it now lost is tucked under him while the other, with delicately detailed feathers, nestles against his back. The remains of his quiver and arrows lie near his head; he is exhausted but prepared to act quickly.

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According to various estimates, two-thirds of the works of old masters are considered lost. Many of them are known from archival or primary materials, and yet today we have no idea where they are. Some of these lost works are even more important for art than those that survived.

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The statue of Eros Sleeping is a unique piece of art. It has its period back to the Hellenistic also known as Augustan period dating 3rd century B. C early in the first century A.

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The Hellenistic period introduced the accurate characterization of age. Young children enjoyed great favor, whether in mythological form, as baby Herakles or Eros, or in genre scenes, playing with each other or with pets. This Eros, god of love, has been brought down to earth and disarmed, a conception considerably different from that of the powerful, often cruel, and capricious being so often addressed in Archaic poetry.

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Eros, the Greek god of love, was capable of overpowering the minds of all gods and mortals. According to an early myth, Gaia goddess of the Earth and Eros were the source of all creation. Literary references of the sixth and fifth centuries B.

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Considering that the Sleeping Eros is from the 3 rd -2 nd Century, the visual aspects of the figure demonstrates the stylistic transition from the Classical era to the Hellenistic era. If the Sleeping Eros were to be depicted in such a fashion, then he would be impossibly beautiful with much more perfected details of the face and body; whereas the actual statue seems as if it was from the observation of a normal child. Even though this statue of Eros is more naturalistic, it is still beautiful as a piece of art rather than a functional object. It is apparent that the Sleeping Eros was solely for decoration in serene locations, such as gardens, rather than a tool of any sort.

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There are various examples of this type of statue, all elegant and with a strong emotional impact. The sleepy gazes of the cherubs do not show signs of sadness, in spite of the funerary destination of the sculptures. Immersed in their world of dreams, with light hair that frames their chubby faces with half-open mouth, these children were surrounded by symbols of good wishes and rebirth.

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Proving that love has always been around and will continue to survive through eternity, the life size bronze sculpture of sleeping Eros awakes at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. This celebrated piece of art inspired the Sleeping Eros Exhibition that began on January 20th and will run until June 23rd. It is considered one of the most remarkable pieces of its kind that has been copied an innumerable amount of times rising discussions of its authenticity and its Hellenistic origin.


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