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Author information: 1 Dept. We tested the hypothesis that a high-fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer in a population-based study of women aged years who were without known breast cancer when they provided a quantitative hour diet recall. Fifteen postmenopausal women were diagnosed with incident breast cancer during the next 15 years approximately person-years of follow-up.

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Eating a low-fat, plant-based diet could help significantly lower a woman's risk of dying from breast cancer, and the key appears to be changing eating habits before tumors have a chance to develop, according to a study released Wednesday. The new findings are from a long-term analysis of the federally funded Women's Health Initiative, and included data on more than 48, postmenopausal women across the U. When the WHI study began inthe women were in their 50s, 60s and 70s, and had never been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer treatments have come a long way in recent decades, but understanding how to prevent tumors from forming in the first place has been a major challenge. In a new study being presented at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago next month, researchers report intriguing evidence that a low-fat diet, similar to the kind doctors recommend for heart health, is also linked to a lower risk of dying from breast cancer. In this trial, researchers led by Dr.

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The Women's Health Trial Vanguard Study was conducted to examine the feasibility of a nationwide, randomized multicenter intervention trial to test the hypothesis that a low-fat diet followed for a period of 10 years will reduce breast cancer risk. Intervention women reported substantially lower fat intake at 6 In contrast, control women reported only slight reductions in fat intake

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Scientists at the University of Illinois have found that free fatty acids in the blood appear to boost proliferation and growth of breast cancer cells. The finding could help explain obese women's elevated risk of developing breast cancer after menopause. Scientists have long known that excess body weight increases women's risks of ER-positive breast cancer after menopause, but the specific metabolic pathways and genetic processes that trigger the disease have been less clear.

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A pilot study suggests a smartphone app giving women real-time contact with their healthcare team can help breast cancer survivors lose weight. The research was published online on Nov. Overweight women have a higher recurrence risk in part because fat cells make estrogen; extra fat cells mean more estrogen in the body and estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers develop and grow.

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After a diagnosis of breast cancer, women tend to re-evaluate their nutrition and health practices. Many wonder what caused this cancer to occur and what lifestyle changes they should be making. Most women believe they must make significant dietary changes to ensure good outcomes following breast cancer treatment.

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The question was, were these factors related? Chlebowski and colleagues evaluated the influence of a low-fat diet on breast cancer incidence and outcomes among 48, postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 years seen at 40 participating U. With long-term, cumulative follow-up of Additionally, metabolic syndrome score identified a subgroup of women at high risk for death from breast cancer who were more likely to benefit from the dietary intervention.

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Healthy lifestyle choices may help lower your risk of different types of cancer and other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Although not all the behaviors listed below lower the risk of breast cancer, they are good for overall health. One large study found women who followed these guidelines had a lower risk of breast and other types of cancer, including colorectal cancer [ ].

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CNN Older women with excess body fat, even if they have what's considered a normal body-mass index, could be at greater risk for breast cancer, according to a study published Thursday in the medical journal JAMA Oncology. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.


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