Mangement of facial nerve pain

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Our patients are all ages and experience facial pain or paralysis due to trauma, illness, surgery, strokes or congenital conditions. We also treat chronic facial pain patients and are on the forefront of new methods in treating these devastating conditions. Often sufferers of these conditions feel there is no hope.

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Three quarters of peripheral FNP are primary and one quarter secondary. The most prevalent causes of secondary FNP are systemic viral infections, trauma, surgery, diabetes, local infections, tumor, immunological disorders, or drugs. The diagnosis of FNP relies upon the presence of typical symptoms and signs, blood chemical investigations, cerebro-spinal-fluid-investigations, X-ray of the scull and mastoid, cerebral MRI, or nerve conduction studies.

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It affects between 20 perto 30 perpeople per year which in the UK means between 12, and 24, people per year. It has not yet been possible to find out why the facial nerve becomes compressed; however, links have been made with viruses including herpes, influenza and respiratory tract infectionsas well as a depleted immune system and stress. It is important to get plenty of rest even if they have no other symptoms and to maintain a healthy diet.

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For more than a year, Surujdai Kalladeen suffered excruciating pain in her face that would render her unable to work or do anything for long stretches of time. After seeking help from several doctors, including a neurologist who prescribed anti-seizure medication, she was exhausted from the side effects. Researching her symptoms, her son, Mark, thought she might be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal, or fifth cranial nerve, which provides sensation in the face and powers motor functions such as biting and chewing. It's like you go crazy," said Kalladeen, a Hillside resident.

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Bell's palsy is an unexplained episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis. It begins suddenly and worsens over 48 hours. This condition results from damage to the facial nerve the 7th cranial nerve.

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Trigeminal neuralgia is extreme pain and muscle spasms in the face. Attacks of intense, electric shock-like facial pain can occur without warning or be triggered by touching specific areas of the face. Although the exact cause of trigeminal neuralgia is not fully understood, a blood vessel is often found compressing the nerve.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia is a disorder of the 5th cranial nerve, which affects the face, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, gums, tongue, and scalp. Due to its painful symptoms and the general lack of knowledge about TN, it has become the focal point of Facial Pain Association. Our goal is to spread the word and find a cure.

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The diagnosis and management of facial pain below the eye can be very different dependant on whether the patient visits a dentist or medical practitioner. A structure for accurate diagnosis is proposed beginning with a very careful history. The commonest acute causes of pain are dental and these are well managed by dentists.

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Your doctor will diagnose trigeminal neuralgia mainly based on your description of the pain, including:. Your doctor may conduct many tests to diagnose trigeminal neuralgia and determine underlying causes for your condition, including:. Your facial pain may be caused by many different conditions, so an accurate diagnosis is important.


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